Sassy Horse Licks His Owner For Putting Hoof On

Jack, the spotted horse with special needs, seen in the video below, has no problem allowing his farrier, Al, to work on his hooves. “I love you, Al, for fixing my feet!” Jack’s owner narrates behind the camera, while the farrier jokes about marrying the loving horse. Every responsible horse owner knows that taking care … [Read more…]

Brave Farmers Rescue 11 Horses Trapped In Icy Water


While not all incidents can be avoided, horses go through tough times every winter after being trapped in frozen water areas. But horse owners can reduce the risk by taking steps to protect horses from icy surfaces or frozen ponds. Just in case you have water areas on your horse’s property, there are a few … [Read more…]

Gentle Foster Mare Takes Care Of Orphaned Baby Foal


We all know that nature can be a mean beast and sometimes a foal has no mother. Since the foal usually accompanies the mare until approximately six months of age, any foal that loses a younger mother is considered an “orphan”. The same happened to the foal in the following video. And we know that … [Read more…]

Horse Picks Up Teenage Girl Every Day From School


Do you remember the time when you used to go every day at school? Well, there are a few of you here who still do, however, if you compare the generations there are a lot of differences, which makes everything even more interesting. Most teenage people would prefer to go to school with a fancy … [Read more…]

Police Horse Takes Revenge On Nasty Young Woman


It is indeed surprising when you think about how uninformed people are when it comes to horses. Although being very popular all around the world. apparently people do not know how to behave with horses. Also. they do not know the fact that if they show any clue of aggressivity towards horses they might expect … [Read more…]